Thursday, May 10, 2007

Comment Moderation

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And so, most of you would have known about this Kenneth character.
And regretfully, due to this, I must enable comment moderation.
Only Kenneth's spam of same message over and over again using multiple names will be filtered.
This applies to both Fusion Trader and Fusion Pick blogs.
What this comment moderation means is that each time a comment is posted, I would need to allow the comment to be published. So there would be delay in seeing comments published.

So what is with this Kenneth character?
Well, the summary of chronology is this:
In a Google group called Bursamaster, the owner made a buy call from 0.26.
By end of the day, it shot up to 0.33.
He maintained his buy call, but the following day, it closed 0.305 followed by the next day 0.325 followed by 0.31. With these consolidation signals and supposingly some news that this counter would not be moving soon, the owner Bursamaster issued a sell call.
Come another commenter Sunny to ask everyone to hold the stock. And average down if price falls any further. Prices continue to fall. And when the people there asks about Infotec, came several other comments to ask to hold. Prices will not fall beyond 0.25 was the comment.
But it did. And when questioned about it, the answer was buying support comes from below 0.25.
I pointed out the simple trading rules - Never Average Down. Cut your losses.
Kenneth disregard, and question the practical usage of the trading rules I ve mentioned.
Thereafter he continued to encourage everyone to hold, and average down.
Today it close 0.22.

Someone by the name of Kaza, found out that the comments to ask to hold and to average down - Sunny, Kenneth, and many others, was in fact the same person - by virtue of using the same IP Address.
Kenneth tried to divert the attention and allege that Bursamaster, Kaza and myself are the same person - by virtue of Bursamaster suggested stop loss - which I supported as best course of action - and the fact that Kaza exposed him. So it must be same person, or so he claims.

Subsequently, he came over to spam my blog and continued to spam in Ben's chatbox as well.
Sample of his spam (which are all the same, so I deleted most of it) could be seen in 2 previous posts before this one.

For those who are interested of the Bursamaster's Google Group, the link is here

Thank you guys for all your support and jumping to my defence.
I sincerely appreciate it and would do my best to share more of what little TA knowledge I have.

Once again, thank you. :)

PS: Thank you Kenneth to you as well, for without you, my traffic counter would not have broken the 9,000 mark today :)


Ben Gan said...

Gel cleared up everything for you.
I have no doubt about your sincerity.

Best wishes,

ccdev said...

somemore max say he will share "what little" TA knowledge he has. This fella is modest and humble. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Max,

U have done a great job so that others will not be mislead by the FOC suggestion/advice given!!!

Max=gentleman.....summore said thank you to Ken in the conclusion.
Really, salute to you!

BTW, I'm not apple polishing huh?


Anonymous said...

Bro Maxforce,
Just ignore the idiot comment at tradesignum. I also shock about that comment. As far as I know you at Bizfun, you are very good and knowledgeable person. As for me, everyone has the right to give suggestion but not to blame others.

Maxforce, go on and proceed to give more contribution to the public. Forget about the sickening comment for the bullshit person.


Seng said...

Hi Max,

I just recently saw this, and just want to drop a short note saying that you have my full support. I have always found you to be very generous, and so, to me, his personal accusation at you is clearly unfounded. Like Ben and everyone here, I have no doubt on your integrity and intentions. I hope you will continue to do what you've been doing, as I'm sure many of the visitors here have found your blogs useful. I certainly have. Thanks and take care.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Ivan said...

Hi Sir,

Can I visit and learn from you this week - Thur and Friday?
Thank you


Trader Max said...

Hmm, I barely login to blogs these days. In addition, I m usually in China.